Since our first project in 2009 in Australia, SGE never stops looking for the new renewable energy investment opportunities and has experience in solar project development across Europe, Japan, South East Asia, and Australia.

We approach the projects using the knowledge and expertise from different countries to evaluate all investment possibilities and possible risks making sure that all the projects will have good performance and operate smoothly for the whole lifetime.

Project Development Process and Risk Coverage

1. Land Sourcing

  • a. Direct interview with local authorities
  • b. Legal Due Diligence by the law firm

2. Feasibility Study

  • a. Technical team visit at the site
  • b. Third party technical advisor
  • c. Performance simulation

3. Permit Development

  • a. Experienced Local team
  • b. Local legal advisor

4. Securing FIT and PPA

  • a. Experienced local team
  • b. Local legal advisor

5. Construction Management

  • a. Integrated technology
  • b. Monitoring and inspecting by technical advisor

6. Project Finance and Insurance

  • a. Customized project finance
  • b. Full support until drawdown
  • c. Performance guarantee
  • d. All risk insurance

7. Operation and Maintenance for long term

  • a. Online monitoring system
  • b. Regular maintenance schedule
  • c. Equipment and Workmanship Warranty