About Us

Sungen Energy International Company Limited or SGE is an independent power producer and turnkey-service provider. Our company comprises of team with over 20 years of experience in solar project investment and development. SGE's goal is to be the independent power producer with long-stretch pipeline in the next 20 years.

SGE’s belief is in progressive investment with comprehensive risk management and contribution to the society. We develop each project based on the market, environment, regulations, and tax structure using our previous experience in minimizing risks on investment and impacts on the environment and community.

Our Business


Focusing on long-term investment using the knowledge and experience in developing and operating the projects starting from land development to project operation, minimizing the risks, enhancing the performance and income.

Turnkey Products

Offering one-stop service solutions for projects in different stages starting from developing lands and permits, engineering, procurement, construction, operation and maintenance for the whole project lifetime.